Tuesday Prompt Project

photo(20)Today I took another prompt from the book 642 Things To Write About. I opened the book this morning and took one from the first page I turned to: “Write Facebook Status Updates for the year 2017.” At first I thought it’d be easy but it really wasn’t. While River napped I thought about it a little, it’s one thing to think about a general idea of where you want your life to be in 4-5 years, but totally another thing to think about it on a day to day basis. How old will I be? River? Karen? What grade will River be in? etc…I found it pretty difficult to think about specifics, besides the obvious (Hillary Clinton is President. Duh.) So, I stopped thinking and sat down and just banged it out in about 3 minutes. How about you all? What would your Facebook status’ look like in 2017? Try it, it was both fun and terrifying. And really isn’t that the best kind of thing?

1/10 Celebrating the New Year by closing on our Upper West Side brownstone. Onwards and upwards!
2/6 Moving sucks.
3/20 I love President Clinton. First man, Bill is pretty rad too.
4/1 We’re pregnant!
4/1 April Fools, fools!
5/3 Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite guy! It feels like just 5 minutes ago that you were only a year and a half old
5/13 Officially halfway done with my dirty thirties. Oy.
5/28 Last day of First Grade!
6/1 One year anniversary celebration for Three Sparrows Arts Complex tonight! Food, Music and tons of alcohol to celebrate our first year of contributing to the NYC landscape! Be there or totally suck.
7/1 We’re off for the month everyone! Gay Paris, here we come!
8/1 We’re settled back in at home, we miss Paris!
8/20 Great day at the zoo, just like always!
9/15 Happy 10th Anniversary, babe! Can’t wait to leave tomorrow for Belize!
9/17 Belize is awesome. We miss River.
10/31 Halloween on the Upper West is much less creepy than Halloween in Astoria where children Trick-or-Treat to bodegas, stores and restaurants. Can’t wait for real Trick-or-Treaters!
11/20 Prepping for my first full family Thanksgiving in New York, so excited to host!
12/20 Happy 45th to the raddest, baddest and cutest chick in NYC!
12/25 Merry Christmas! grateful that of all the things that change, Christmas never does!