This Time Last Year

Yesterday my absolutely stellar human being of a wife took a personal day from work so she could stay home and spend the say with River, thusly giving me a day off from Mommy-ing!  I don’t want to sound like I was so excited to get away from my kid for the day because that’s terrible, but between you and me, internet…I was pretty excited. I had a lovely lunch with a friend, picked up a kitchen blow torch at Bed Bath and Beyond (creme brûlée, here I come) and stopped by a few of my favorite libraries and bookstores. On my travels in the wilds of the Upper West Side of Manhattan I picked up a book called 642 Things to Write About. It’s full of a bunch of (642, to be exact) prompts to write about, some silly, some serious, some requiring many pages, some just three to four sentence snippets. I would normally pick up something like this, leaf through it and put it back thinking, “Who am I kidding, I’ll never actually have time to do anything like that!” But friends, 2013 is not the year for that. 2013 is a year of doing something creative everyday, of reminding myself that I am a creative person and I can and WILL make time for at least one small thing a day. So I bought it and rushed home to start writing didn’t look at it for the rest of the day.

Anyway, today I opened it up thinking it might make a good start for a blog post and the first prompt was “What were you doing this time last year?” Sunday, January 15, 2012…River was 8 months old and had just started to crawl proficiently and pull himself up on pieces of furniture and I remember being so frazzled that he was a mobile creature (sidebar: if I would have known how much more difficult to keep up with and generally death-defying this mobile baby thing would get when he was running like a maniac as he is now, one year from then, I would have slapped my own face and told myself to get over it.) Not remembering any specifics I went to Facebook and iPhoto to check it out and was pleased to find we had spent the weekend with River’s Grandma and Nina here at our house. After a weekend of playing with him, cooking, eating and laughing, they took off heading back to Pennsylvania a year ago today and we headed off to brunch with our Astoria family at our favorite brunch spot in the neighborhood. It’s a pretty awesome thing to think about a time that feels like so long ago to me and know that we were doing the same things that we love to fill a Sunday now.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

What about you guys, can you remember (or locate) what you were doing at this time last year?


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